Been busy.

Back to whittling down the craft supplies again!

We are on a clutter busting jag here at Casa de IWOM. The amount of items saved ‘just in case’ as well as nowhere near sentimental value items, kitchen doubles and never used wedding presents that have left the building is staggering. We will never be true minimalists but are feeling the effect already of less stuff. It’s nice to know a trip to the loft space is no longer one fraught with danger.

The tiny IKEA greenhouse in the sunroom always seems like a good idea.

It is if one remembers to water the pots within….

Three partially filled cans of metallic spray paint in the garage, an assortment of ‘still life’ objects (some of which were taken OUT of the charity donation bags), a bandana to put over my nose and mouth,

and an early start day to allow for multiple thin coats

gave me the components for my installation.

I give you: The Family Silver.

Even if I had been allowed to register for a wedding list (‘that’s for X people’ apparently), I don’t know as I would have put any real silver items on it. All that polishing. 

Yes, we will be dusting AROUND this.