Clearing the craft room of all the supplies I will never use has taken a LONG time. Most bits have gone to the Girl Guides regional center (where troop leaders can ‘shop’ for what they need) — my fourth or fifth large haul that the lovely coordinator has come to collect in person — but a little more has gone to the attic for storage, this time my pearls and semiprecious stones and all findings. 

(And the needlework supplies are currently living in the guest room bathroom since we have no confirmed guests for the first part of this year).

What has not left is any fabric or clothes or scraps that are 100% cotton jersey. 

I have always admired Alabama Chanin clothing and projects. I’ve been messing with samples and small projects for a while, I’ve bought all four books, I’ve found a great shop for printing full size stencil templates to cut myself (my current currency being so awful vs the USD that I can’t justify buying them ready made at present) and am getting to grips with the whole entirely hand sewn philosophy. 

(T-shirt fired by stadium t-canon and caught by Himself last spring). 

For quite a few years I’ve said that when I hit the big five O I’d learn to knit. Properly. I can knit and purl and cast on and do a little cable. A portable craft that I can do in the sunroom was always the appeal, along with the end result of having something useful at the end. 
But, I just don’t wanna learn. I’m not really sure why. I guess it’s just that I don’t want to do it ENOUGH. I do fancy becoming a Natalie groupie. 

But, you come for the pictures, not the musings, right?

The gift of arthritis in my pinkies is one I’d like to return, but it is what it is. It will spread toward my thumbs and there’s nothing to do to stop it. I limit myself to about an hour a day of stencil cutting broken into two or three sessions. 

A blog name alteration is next on the list! I’m easing the regulation of not buying anything as eventually I’ll need long lengths for dresses and skirts but will always try to include supplies already to hand.