Nothing wrong with this batch of tablet pillows:

Nothing at all. 

They’re just a little dull. In an attempt to get rid of a huge bag of bean bag beans

I cut a whole bunch of fabrics 12 inches by 18, folded them in half right sides together for 9 inches by 12, then stitched the 12 inch edge and one nine inch edge using a quarter inch seam allowance.  

The third line of stitching requires pinning the seam to the fold first and leaving a gap for turning and filling. 

I hand stitched this one closed just roughly so I could test the amount of fill needed. I’ve made these before but never measured the amount! (The t’internet abounds with tutorials with pictures if you need more help). 

The plan was to make as many of these as I have filling then sell them for charity. 

As nice as the gingham and hydrangea fabrics are, the end result is a little dull so I got to thinking about multi fabric versions. I have 152 of these simple four patch with sashing blocks kicking around from my days of teaching at Liberty’s Sewing School in the mid to late nineties. I made samples to demonstrate (and sometimes students would leave their samples!) but never made them up into a quilt. Over the years I’ve considered all sorts of settings, the latest being some simple sashing then making baby quilts for charity. 

I may yet do that but donated six to the cause. Still a little dull so the next one had all different blocks:

Okay, they look a little goofy but they’ll do the job of holding your iPad steady on a table or in your lap. They could even be used for ‘real’ books. 

Luckily I have never had a problem selling any of my crafts when the proceeds go to charity. I’m thinking adult literacy might be a good cause. 

Plan A then: make enough to use the filling then use the leftovers for the baby (or perhaps wheelchair lap) blankets.