Where is the fish post of last week? I really must look over this new WordPress layout — before they change it again. I must have done something not quite right when posting from my phone.

So, no more denim scraps in the craft room, blah, blah, denim seams on the right side, snipped, washed, blah, blah, dried in a hot dryer:


I made one of the fish from McCall’s Crafts 5930 for my nephew a few years back, always with the intent to make the full set of four. I made view B for Himself when we were finishing his last year of honours law so I’m guessing this pattern number has since been reassigned. The designer is Lori Kaye.


These two are filled with ordinary fiber fill but the last one is full of beans (like the iPad/book holders of a few posts back).


He (or she) is the floppiest so I’m thinking The Nephew might like him (or her) best.

These are part of The IWOM’s Fiftieth Birthday presents for other people (since I have everything I need) and will look good with the HST quilt I decided to make for him for his 13th birthday in April.


I guess I have yet to take a picture of the finished quilt, but here it is laid out on our super kind bed ready for layer basting at the end of January. The dark blue is lightweight denim, the prints old Thomas Pink French cuff shirts donated to the cause by Himself and the white an old duvet cover brightened with chemical help that made the fabric even softer. The backing is  pale blue gingham.

Will post the entire set up in The Nephew’s bedroom at his mom and dad’s shoreline getaway cottage soon.