Besides, I have a good dozen on the iPad at the moment….


Back when I was a nervous flyer (waaaay back) I found that doing some sort of handwork at 37,000 feet helped calm my nerves to no end. Then we started turning left and alcohol took the place of that…and of course assorted restrictions over the years also made crafting difficult.


But there were always ways around it! I actually preferred dental floss boxes for my cutting implement.

All I really need for some new Alabama Chanin fingerless gloves are pre-threaded size nines (two strands of embroidery floss each) and some itty bitty scissors in a tin.


Okay. And a needle threader in case I get through the couple dozen I’m getting to as soon as I finish this post. The light isn’t always that great, especially if you don’t have a window seat, so anything to help with those getting tinier holes is a happy thing.


I dug out a couple magnets, a little tin, scraps of felt


and ten minutes later had the perfect travel kit.


One can never have enough pairs of fingerless gloves. We’re looking at a total of ten hours of air time over three flights to get me from where I am to where I need to be for a couple weeks. Let’s see if I can get these puppies ready to snip by the time the third flight lands!