The Nephew’s tenth birthday quilt is one of my favourites. Three years ago he said he didn’t want it on his bed because when you sleep it is dark and he couldn’t see it. 

Clever kid. 

However, when his parents bought a little shoreline getaway he said he wanted the quilt to stay there. Fair enough. However, it’s a little bright for the color scheme and decor chosen by his mom, Little Sis. 

Little Bro and I arrived Friday afternoon sever hours before The Nephew and Little Sis so I set up the new quilt and the fish

as soon as I could. Once they arrived it was a good two hours before he even bothered to go upstairs to his room — when he finally did (all three grown ups knowing what he’d find and Little Sis saying he might not even notice) we heard a loudly shouted ‘thank you’. 

Jokes about ‘sleeping with the fishes’ began at bedtime.