The designs for the next several quilts have been worked out — a couch throw for Himself for a birthday present, a Gypsy Wife for our 25th anniversary and a bird block quilt for ME. I’ve never made a quilt for just ME, but it will have to wait until all the many presents for other folk get made. It may not even be begun during the IWOM’s fiftieth birthday year of crafting for other folk, but that’s okay. 

The theory for MY quilt is to use a scrap from a number of special dresses and clothes made for our many travels around the world for one or more bird blocks, after which the remainder of the fabric will be donated. I’ve already processed a great many items and it’s time for a test block or two. 

I thought I had pretty much everything for this quilt until I found these really bright PJs in a drawer at my Mom’s house during my solo trip across the pond for the first few weeks of this month. I bought them in 2004 when I spent several weeks with Little Sis and my newborn nephew. I’d read that bright colours were good for baby eye development. 

They are not often worn now  — I usually just pull them on to go start the coffee in the kitchen, Himself and I never finding the need for PJs. 

(Um…TMI? I merely strive to illustrate in what decent shape the fabric still is). 

Into my case they went last week and are now in the Clothing To Be Processed For Crafts basket here in the craft room. 

Just the thing for a snowy squally day, along with tea and an old movie.