So today it’s the turn of four large underbed storage tubs stuffed with B-list needlework to be sorted in a very serious way. 

Aida fabric and cross stitch kits were immediately placed in the latest stack of donations for the Girl Guides. During my years on the needlecraft floor at Liberty we were given samples all the time and often had the chance to buy kits that were not sale worthy (packaging damaged or bits missing) for ten pence (so paperwork could be generated to allow you to take it out of the employee entrance). I had a passing fancy with cross stitch but that’s all it was. It’s time the move on. 

During my year of study at The Royal School of Needlework stumpwork ranked in my top three favourite subjects. I did several more projects than required, including this part finished box. From the notes and materials packed with it I can see I meant to make two little drawers. 

It’s been a very long time since I even touched my specialist tools. 


The box also held a fair amount of goldwork supplies which are in very good shape. I remember buying it in the Masonic shop in Covent Garden! Recently I’ve been asked to repair some vestments so perhaps I can incorporate some of my old school supplies. 

I think I’ll frame the sheep after taking apart the part done box. 

Now for the exciting task of packing up wool and canvas in vacuum sealed bags for storage in the attic.