(my garden party invite) I need to get a move on. 

But, not without a muslin. 

I bought a great deal of one hundred percent cotton jersey knit in March on my solo trip to the States, mostly from Osgoods in West Springfield, MA, a couple of JoAnn’s and Mood in NYC. 

Black, white, greys and navy in at least four yards then a couple yards each teal and aubergine filled one of my two suitcases on the trip home. However, I’m going with the black and white I picked up on Goldhawk Road earlier this year. 

The two layer Alabama Chanin fitted dress I plan to make over the next 28 days is to use the mid length skirt measurement with the back adjusted so it follows the line of the train one gets when cutting the full length version. I probably could have got away with making the tunic length instead of the short dress for fit, but

since I fancy a Spirals dress at some point it was worth the extra fabric. All I need to do is adjust the pattern’s sides a bit

and I’m good to start cutting the two layers needed. I did machine the seams of my test version and may very well do the final dress that way if I fall short on time. I’m being realistic here. 

(Speaking of reality — A dress that would take me 5 to 6 hours to complete is the back up: pattern and fabric sit on standby. It’s one I’m planning to make anyway for November in St. John AVI). 

Now to draft three quarter length sleeves for the bolero I’ll need to wear with the dress. ‘Bloomers’ will be the stencil and reverse appliqué the technique. 

We are looking at a LOT of hours of handwork in the sunroom. 

‘Sorry. Can’t. Got to work on my dress’.