So that’s the AC fitted dress pattern taped back together and re cut along the lines of the length I need. One layer in white. One layer in black. 

‘Cause the world really boils down to that. 

Testing the Bloomer stencil seemed a good idea. I’m pretty sure I won’t have enough of the grey I mixed for the entirety of the white top layer, never mind the bolero, so top of tomorrow’s errand list is acquiring more fabric paint. I’ll get large containers of black and white since that seems more useful. 

Plan A is a medium grey that works on both black and white but I’m not wedded to it. It’s more important to get the stencilling done so the MANY hours of handwork can get underway. 

After a few tests of the Bloomer leaves with my mixed grey (above left) I tried a little of a already mixed spray black I bought in March then hit that with water from a spray  just to see what that would look like.  

I like the look, but not for the current project. 

I am easily distracted. 

But not so much that I did not mark the right sides of the top layer for stencilling. It’s a tight time frame to get this project done so there’s no space for slip ups. 

Ooo. I like how the black paint is spreading. Clearly for this to be effective the initial images need to be further apart and the paint must more thinly applied. 

And different quantities of water used in different areas. 

Back to work, Missus.