Lovely as my home is, I’ve been not far from it for near on two weeks since we returned from vacation so it’s time for a day away. 

Plus I am SO done with watching the news. 80%? God forgive them. You hate the sin while loving the sinner. This isn’t the way to accomplish that. 

(Oh. Did you think I meant the General Election?).

It is not surprising to me at all that I’m never asked what I am doing when I stitch on this side of the pond (two + hours once in the Members Rooms of the British Museum and nary a peep); however, if I’m squishing in a bit of handwork in a public place on my original side folk have no problems either asking me what I am doing or introducing themselves as a fellow crafter. Sort of sums up the difference between the two countries. Or is it cultures? 

It would be nice to get a sleeve done today. I’ll do a coffee shop crawl between errands and see how far I get! I’ve optimistically packed both sleeves in a plastic envelope which also holds my airplane stitching kit and better embroidery scissors. Better to have the extra work than not.