Well, technically that started Saturday, which marked one week since making the muslin of the fitted dress. 

Be that as it may, I’m happy enough with getting the two front pieces of the dress and one bolero sleeve outlined. This ‘working week’ of Monday to Friday will be devoted to outlining the back sections, which are a little longer as I’ve followed the line of the train of the full length version. 

I took a little time to redraft the bucket hat pattern yesterday. The measurements say it will work up to 7 1/2 but I am a 7 3/4. My dilemma over hat/no hat continues you see.  

I’m not a fan of decorative hats. I’ll wear a hat for warmth or sun protection of course, but with a larger than average head and far too much hair (‘Ten bald men curse you daily’ per Harriet’s pronouncement decades ago) I’ve never found a store bought hat to fit. I had a brief look in a few charity shops last Thursday for something to revamp to no avail. I’m not holding out too much hope on that front. I have two London trips before the Garden Party which would give me a wider range of shops but there are more fun ways to spend one’s time in London than hat shopping!

The dress and bolero are top priority natch, but you know the saying : stitching expands to fit the time allowed. A test version of the bucket hat (in one layer) has been made and I don’t HATE how it looks. That’s good enough for just now. 

PS – I do know the stencil will be something other than Bloomers! It’s s lovely pattern but it would be too matchy matchy for my liking.