you might as well spend some time making sure your craft room doesn’t qualify you for an episode of ‘Hoarders’. 

I made a good stab at emptying the mending and small refashions box today: taking in Ts, mending a pair of capris, reducing a pair of handkerchiefs that I was told were too large (?) and putting pockets on a refashioned apron that was too short so also needed length. 

Purple linen bought in Shenzhen and a recycled flowery ‘Daisy May’ type top furnished the scraps for the additions to a recycled tartan dress bought during the early days of our two years in Hong Kong when I discovered most of my summer clothes were still too warm for that climate. 

Slowly but surely I’ve been taking apart clothes from that time if I still like the color and print and weight of the fabric. There’s enough now for a tub swap!

I guess next time I’m tucked away in the craft room I’ll play match the pattern to the fabric so I can get going on some new hot weather clothes for a St. John AVI trip at the end of the year. Sure don’t need clothes like that here at home at present. We’ve had our three days of summer….