The hydrangea fabric I mean. Auntie B gave me a bolt of it years ago. I use it mostly for mocks and assorted crafts for charity. Recently I made a pile of gift bags for Auntie B’s use. 

The bolt is not getting any smaller. 

I swear. 

Something has to give. 

The latest donations to the Girl Guides have left the building so it was time for a desk tidy up in preparation for winter work. 

(Dad’s denim flag and The Nephew’s quilt and denim fish kept me from going buggy last winter so it’s time to rack up this year’s projects).

The very useful half dozen Ikea files have been relabelled according to their use over the years. I had a think then came up with six categories that pretty much covered everything on my plate at present:

Cheap project to be sure — I had half a can of spray adhesive with nothing better to do so cut a template exactly to size with one inch added for wrapping round the back for a tight fit. 

There was plenty for lining but with the files sitting well above eye level that seemed like overkill. 

Still a little more sorting to do but it will be easier now!