You’d think finding a pair of lightweight navy capris wouldn’t be difficult. This task defeated me over the summer months, but I did locate ankle grazing trousers in the color and weight desired. 

With a warm weather trip fast approaching, this was top of the mending – refashioning – alterations pile this weekend. 

I’m kinda tall, so I was left with some decent size scraps once I cut off seven inches to achieve the desired length. Two inch vents were left on the side seams as well to make these easy to walk in as well as comfortable for the road tripping involved at various points over our time away. 

However, the pockets on the trousers are, as with so many women’s garments, not nearly big enough so I pieced the scraps into a thigh side 6SPlus holder. 

Sometimes you just don’t want to carry a pocketbook so if the A list of November garden work gets finished I’ll have time to fuss with a hip bag to keep things even more hands free.