Always time for wine

(the color that is).

I’m not letting this hat requirement beat me!

I watered down my ‘wine’ (really, that’s what this shade is called) but maybe a tad too much. Bit of bleeding but I can cover that ragged edge easily enough. 

Back to felling the seams on the bolero I guess. Himself is away for a few days for work so the goal is the dress and bolero completely done and the hat well underway by the time he returns. 

(Not that he’ll notice — it’s just good to give oneself deadlines on a project if this magnitude).

Oh to heck with felling tonight. Time for a cool Baily’s based cocktail I think!

Not cheap — just runnin’ outta time!

Yesterday’s test of the AC bucket hat didn’t go so well. 

Well, there’s nothing wrong with the design itself or the enlargements I made to it but it just isn’t me for this particular need. It’s just too casual for the situation, not the dress. 

We are fussing with this over the weekend (which was downloaded for free off

I’m determined to make my hat from the same cotton jersey used for the dress 

and bolero 

(which the craft room fairies neglected to finish for me overnight, despite me leaving everything for them here on the ironing board) but interfacing or buckram looks certain to be involved. Fortunately it’s a double golf weekend for Himself with the added bonus of a Major on telly all evening so I’m left to my own devices. 

Get me my tape!

One down, 

Eeeeeeever so many to go.

The snipping part of an AC project is the most nerve wracking IMO. Thankfully I cut a wee slice into each segment which needs removing before outlining it in black cotton: that should enable me to crack on this evening before a late pick up of my Better Half. 

(He called me ‘Cinderella’ this morning. I might very well meet a prince or two while wearing this dress).

Week 2

Well, technically that started Saturday, which marked one week since making the muslin of the fitted dress. 

Be that as it may, I’m happy enough with getting the two front pieces of the dress and one bolero sleeve outlined. This ‘working week’ of Monday to Friday will be devoted to outlining the back sections, which are a little longer as I’ve followed the line of the train of the full length version. 

I took a little time to redraft the bucket hat pattern yesterday. The measurements say it will work up to 7 1/2 but I am a 7 3/4. My dilemma over hat/no hat continues you see.  

I’m not a fan of decorative hats. I’ll wear a hat for warmth or sun protection of course, but with a larger than average head and far too much hair (‘Ten bald men curse you daily’ per Harriet’s pronouncement decades ago) I’ve never found a store bought hat to fit. I had a brief look in a few charity shops last Thursday for something to revamp to no avail. I’m not holding out too much hope on that front. I have two London trips before the Garden Party which would give me a wider range of shops but there are more fun ways to spend one’s time in London than hat shopping!

The dress and bolero are top priority natch, but you know the saying : stitching expands to fit the time allowed. A test version of the bucket hat (in one layer) has been made and I don’t HATE how it looks. That’s good enough for just now. 

PS – I do know the stencil will be something other than Bloomers! It’s s lovely pattern but it would be too matchy matchy for my liking. 

I gotta get outta here

Lovely as my home is, I’ve been not far from it for near on two weeks since we returned from vacation so it’s time for a day away. 

Plus I am SO done with watching the news. 80%? God forgive them. You hate the sin while loving the sinner. This isn’t the way to accomplish that. 

(Oh. Did you think I meant the General Election?).

It is not surprising to me at all that I’m never asked what I am doing when I stitch on this side of the pond (two + hours once in the Members Rooms of the British Museum and nary a peep); however, if I’m squishing in a bit of handwork in a public place on my original side folk have no problems either asking me what I am doing or introducing themselves as a fellow crafter. Sort of sums up the difference between the two countries. Or is it cultures? 

It would be nice to get a sleeve done today. I’ll do a coffee shop crawl between errands and see how far I get! I’ve optimistically packed both sleeves in a plastic envelope which also holds my airplane stitching kit and better embroidery scissors. Better to have the extra work than not. 

Rain, rain, stay RIGHT here

This utterly icky day gave me a great excuse to test a bolero (machined, as with the fitted short dress a few days back), cut the two layer bolero with three quarter length sleeves, finish all the dress and bolero stencilling,

make all the binding needed,

snip the large Bloomer shapes on the dry pieces before 

basting together all dry sections. There was even time to chose the embroidery thread for outlining:

It’s not strong enough for seams of course, but it will make for nice matt outline stitches for the reverse appliqué.