If you need me, I’ll be at my


Garnering odd looks as per usual, but narry a comment. Those flowers for the hat I need to wear a week today are not going to spontaneously assemble themselves out of the hundreds of black and white circles of jersey in my handbag….


A sixties vibe

Wouldn’t you say?

You could almost wear the dress inside out. 

Yeah. I’m ready to be done with this project! I’m already mentally planning the next dress but it won’t have a set finish date, which will hopefully make the process less of a chore. 

If I had to do it all again

Certainly felling one’s seams is easier to do pre-construction but I wanted one last fitting before committing. 

I’ve only myself to blame. I made a mock. I should trust years and years (and years) of experience. It’s another day of fiddly work on the cards. 


No wonder I feel a bit like the kestrel chicks on my family’s farm! These wee things and their three siblings were carefully measured and weighed a few days ago. (They sort of ‘play dead’ when the folk involved in the kestrel project visit to check the boxes dotted about the orchard).

No chicks were harmed in the taking of this photo! 

The trouble at this stage

is that it LOOKS done — until you get up close 

and see all the felling and binding work. 

It’s  a lot more fun to work on the hat design this afternoon in the sunroom….

I don’t think there’s time to make a small handbag for my car keys, two forms of ID and phone. 

Perhaps I need to look through the three USPC (unusually shaped purse collection) boxes up in the loft. 

Always time for wine

(the color that is).

I’m not letting this hat requirement beat me!

I watered down my ‘wine’ (really, that’s what this shade is called) but maybe a tad too much. Bit of bleeding but I can cover that ragged edge easily enough. 

Back to felling the seams on the bolero I guess. Himself is away for a few days for work so the goal is the dress and bolero completely done and the hat well underway by the time he returns. 

(Not that he’ll notice — it’s just good to give oneself deadlines on a project if this magnitude).

Oh to heck with felling tonight. Time for a cool Baily’s based cocktail I think!

Not cheap — just runnin’ outta time!

Yesterday’s test of the AC bucket hat didn’t go so well. 

Well, there’s nothing wrong with the design itself or the enlargements I made to it but it just isn’t me for this particular need. It’s just too casual for the situation, not the dress. 

We are fussing with this over the weekend (which was downloaded for free off fabric.com).

I’m determined to make my hat from the same cotton jersey used for the dress 

and bolero 

(which the craft room fairies neglected to finish for me overnight, despite me leaving everything for them here on the ironing board) but interfacing or buckram looks certain to be involved. Fortunately it’s a double golf weekend for Himself with the added bonus of a Major on telly all evening so I’m left to my own devices. 

Get me my tape!

One down, 

Eeeeeeever so many to go.

The snipping part of an AC project is the most nerve wracking IMO. Thankfully I cut a wee slice into each segment which needs removing before outlining it in black cotton: that should enable me to crack on this evening before a late pick up of my Better Half. 

(He called me ‘Cinderella’ this morning. I might very well meet a prince or two while wearing this dress).