Nothing a half dozen 40 degree C washes wouldn’t have done in the ordinary scheme of things. 

Perhaps the softening technique I started last Wednesday — one cup salt plus two quarts water for three days — is better suited to more broken-in Ts?

Not gonna lose sleep over it. 


In the shop

The engineer who stripped down my Janome 3500 Memory Craft last week to clean it while waiting on parts info decided to rebuild the presser foot lever himself since a new one was (in his opinion) too pricey and would have to come from overseas. 

‘K. The IWOM is good at lots of stuff but lets a pro handle the things she can’t. 

The machine will be picked up tomorrow so it’s a weekend of handwork. Grommets to replace a handle that has broke a few times 

and design work for the next AC T

got the ball rolling. It’s time for another clear out for the Girl Guides and to get the craft room ready for winter projects. 

Outdoor crafting

With the nights drawing in and weather getting colder, outdoor crafting is the order of the day. I can quilt when there’s only six hours of sunlight during days with a permanently blowing gale. 

(Plus my Janome is getting a new presser foot lever and deep clean at present). 

A slatted shelf for my tall tool shed (which doesn’t actually hold any tools) makes better use of the space as well as adding strength to the whole shed. 

One last raised bed to build, the greenhouse slab to extend and assorted perennial moving will do it for the season. 

It is to weep for

I know one my biggest — if not THE biggest — of my woes is our T shirts being soft but NOT VINTAGE SOFT. 

Oh, the humanity. 

Because my Alabama Chanin and AC-inspired Ts are becoming coveted by my family I picked up some plain white 100% cotton Ts at Michael’s last month during a quick trip to my original side of the pond. (I’ve yet to make a T from scratch but it’s on the list). 

The shirts have been washed and are perfectly serviceable for my needs, but why not try this Pin?

I’m not sure how small the shirt would be to be brined in the recipe of one quart water to a half cup of salt so doubled the mixture for one XL T. 

Now we wait three days. 

An occasional stir seems appropriate. 

Plan B(ee)

Some time ago I made my Mom a full apron with this fabric and recycled bits of jeans. There was enough of the vinyl bee fabric for a shopper or the like but inspiration hit yesterday during a garden rest day. 

A vendor’s apron for her to wear when the farm stand opens on the ninth of next month. The front pocket is divided into three sections while the single back pocket has a strong Velcro strip on a hidden cash pocket. Two loops with hooks are also in the single pocket section. 

The D ring belt is not fixed there in the channel so it is easier to fasten. It’s extra long for fitting over whatever outerwear is needed from September through the end of the season. If it needs further modification I have a sewing machine at the farm! 

It’s drafted by yours truly but I was inspired by assorted similar things online as well as a gardening apron I saw in a shop yesterday when I was out and about with the Passat, trying to forget about how much grunt work remains for me to do in the back garden….

Never too old for a new toy!

Take that, arthritis! Think again if you think you are going to keep me from pursuing my new passtime. 

After some online research and video watching it was just a few clicks more to have a stencil tool sent. 

A lighter touch is needed but how great to have a complete image to use for cutting appliqués. An emery board will take care of the rough edges. I traced the image onto my Mylar with a sharpie and placed an 11×14 bit of glass over a cutting mat to protect it. Got a little fume-y in the sunroom but I think that was from going too slowly. 

Away to test my new airbrush tool (as recommended on the AC site) in the garage. 


I wish I was brave enough to do it. 

Altering the garden party dress into a skirt and top was in my head even as I was designing it. 

‘Cut the top to tunic length then add a waistband as needed on the skirt’ thought I. 

Now that my creation has served its purpose it deserves to move on. Got no garden parties, weddings et al on my summer schedule. I don’t need this as is any more. 

I could stencil and reverse appliqué the top so that it could be reassembled for a dress ‘look’. 

Or make a top in the reverse color scheme.

This shouldn’t be so hard!!! Measure twice, then cut!

Tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow. 

When you don’t know what to stitch next

you might as well spend some time making sure your craft room doesn’t qualify you for an episode of ‘Hoarders’. 

I made a good stab at emptying the mending and small refashions box today: taking in Ts, mending a pair of capris, reducing a pair of handkerchiefs that I was told were too large (?) and putting pockets on a refashioned apron that was too short so also needed length. 

Purple linen bought in Shenzhen and a recycled flowery ‘Daisy May’ type top furnished the scraps for the additions to a recycled tartan dress bought during the early days of our two years in Hong Kong when I discovered most of my summer clothes were still too warm for that climate. 

Slowly but surely I’ve been taking apart clothes from that time if I still like the color and print and weight of the fabric. There’s enough now for a tub swap!

I guess next time I’m tucked away in the craft room I’ll play match the pattern to the fabric so I can get going on some new hot weather clothes for a St. John AVI trip at the end of the year. Sure don’t need clothes like that here at home at present. We’ve had our three days of summer….