The New-ish Rules

In 2013 I wrote a year-long blog called A Year Without Craft Supplies, then started this one in 2015 as I whittled away at my enormous stash.

The rules were simple — this is the gist of it — but now that I’ve gotten rid of SO much I’m allowing myself to buy bits and pieces as required to continue to use up my stash.


Of course, this means I will never be out of craft supplies, but that wasn’t the point.

One of the best things I’ve ever decided to do is decline all the offers of any sort of craft supplies that people give me because they no longer want them, are clearing a house, etc.. I direct them to a few specific people or places I know that can use them and then its on to Cincinnati.

For 2017 we’re looking at a craft room revamp to reflect the new approach to the main crafts on which I’ve decided to focus.

Alabama Chanin style clothing making.

Quilt making.

Gifts for people to celebrate IWOM 5-0. I don’t need any presents so my present to myself is making things I’ve always wanted to make for other people!

Then it will be back to needlework! This year marks twenty years since I started my year of study at the Royal School of Needlework and after last year’s huge project for Roslynn Chapel I am aware of how much I miss hand stitching. While the hands can manage it, that’s what I wanna do!!!



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